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Your health and well-being come first at Rincon Dental so I’d like to briefly let you know what we are doing in this time of crisis.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU IF YOU NEED US – The last thing you need is for a necessary treatment to go untreated and cause more problems. Most things can be postponed and we are doing that, but if you are in pain or have a dental issue that arises please reach out to us. The office will be closed most days during this city mandated period but Dr. Byun can be reached out for EMERGENCY ISSUES at 415 260-0309. If you have more general issues please call or email us and give us time to respond.

WE ARE RESCHEDULING NON-CRITICAL PROCEDURES – For most of our patients, routine preventative cleanings and exams are the reason for the majority of visits. We are rescheduling them according to the evolving guidelines. We will reach out to you as your appointment gets close and will notify you of what to expect.  All appointments up to June 1st  are cancelled.  We will continue to evaluate the situation as it evolves and determine on a weekly basis when it us appropriate for us to return to our normal business hours. We will send out an email blast when we can schedule/re-schdule appointments.

WE ALWAYS PRACTICE PROPER INFECTION CONTROL – Maintaining the highest standards of disinfection has always been part of what we do and I just want to reassure everyone of that. Considering how much disinfection goes on in our office I think it is one of the safer places to be from a patient perspective.

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